Kingdom Women’s Network- Our Story

Who is Kingdom Women’s Network?

It’s a network of Christian women from various backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures who seek to edify, equip and empower one another. Who believe and stand together through all of lives challenges. A place where you can be transparent, safe and grow together. We strengthen one another and give grace and love along the way. We are a network of anointed Christian Business Women who seek to further his Kingdom together.

Kingdom Women’s network is based on the 3-fold principle found in Ecclesiastes 4:12. A three-fold cord is not easily broken. The three- fold cord is God, Holy Spirit and you. It is also God, you and a coach, who the Holy Spirit will work through to guide you on your journey to healing, health and wholeness.

How Kingdom Women’s Network Got Started?

The Lord, first spoke to me about this ministry in 2007. Then in June 2016, he told me that it would be a season of preparation and saturation. Within the last 3 years, he started to do some deep inner healing to get me prepared. In 2017, he took both of my parents within 4 months of each other. After, this I started to have several dreams about being spiritually pregnant and starting my own ministry. He told me he was going to baptize me into my ministry in October 2018. At my baptism, the pastor had said that myself and the other ladies, there was 5 of us that got baptized, that we were all forerunners. We were going to do great things for God. In December 2018, I started a Facebook mentoring group and launched my own on-line ministry.

His Love and Blessings,


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