What is Kingdom Women’s Network Coaching?

Kingdom Women’s Network Coaching Program is designed to restore what was lost emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

My heart’s desire is to see every Christian Woman to thrive and prosper and be the women that God called them to be. To see her walk in her calling and to be a blessing to her family and community.

Our goal is to equip Christian Women with the tools that will empower them to prosper and go to the next level.

Goals for Kingdom Women’s Network Graduates

  • To know God as Abba, Father. Having a closer and personal relationship with him.
  • To build a stronger spiritual foundation.
  • To know their purpose and calling in life.
  • To raise up leaders to go into the marketplace of the Seven Mountains of God.

We are offering Spiritual Coaching, you can sign up below.

Spiritual Coaching package $250

You can learn more about us by joining our Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/kingdomwomensnetwork/

His Love and Blessings,