Kingdom of God, Pt. 2

A kingdom where you leave your earthly house to get his heavenly house. You leave your earthly family to get his spiritual family.

God made Abraham and Moses leave their families to go to a better place. It is a kingdom that is within you. A kingdom that rules over your heart and mind, where you submit to God leading you’re life and doing his will. 

A kingdom in order to get in must go through trials and tribulation.

A kingdom that is given to the saints of the Most High God. A kingdom where you suffer with Christ and you will reign with him when he returns to Earth. A kingdom like Leaven, that when it grows it will expand and rise like yeast. It will start small and grow big.

A kingdom like a dragnet where God will gather every person to himself.

Those that are just will be blessed and those that act wicked will have their place in the lake of fire. It’s a kingdom like a tare. Jesus will gather together everything that is wicked and lawless. Those that are tares(weeds) are the wicked ones. The good seed are his children, they will receive their blessings from God. But the tares will be cast into the furnace of fire (hell).

A kingdom like a hidden treasure that this is so precious and special that you give up everything you own to have it. It’s a kingdom that is like a great pearl, which is so unique and rare that you sell everything just to get that pearl.

A kingdom like a mustard seed. A mustard seed is the smallest herb but when it grows, it becomes a big tree full of branches. It’s a kingdom like a seed that sprouts and grows. A man throws seed on the ground, he doesn’t know how it grows but when it does,  the seed produces a big crop.

A kingdom that has dominion and power where all people, nations and languages will serve him. This kingdom will rule all people of every nation and language.

A kingdom where you have the ability to do miracles as Jesus did on this Earth.

A kingdom that gives people (saints of God) power to cast out demons. Where you will be able to help people be delivered from bondage by setting them free from evil spirits.

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His Love and Blessings,


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