Essential Oil Journey

My journey with Essential Oils started in 2017. Both my parents had become sick and I was taking care of them. My dad became sick first and was in and out of the hospital. Then one day, he never came out. My mom became sick during the same time and was receiving treatment for her illness. Both of my parents died, 4 months apart from one another.

It was a very difficult time in my life. My dad had not been taking care of himself. Not eating right, smoking, and doing other things to damage his health. My mom was the opposite, she would exercise, eat right, and go regularly to her doctor for checkups. Both my parents had a couple of things in common, they both didn’t take care of their emotional and spiritual health.

They both struggled with illness and sickness in the last remaining months of their lives. I am determined to not let this be my story or my unhappy ending. Since using the oils, I have changed some of my eating habits. I’m still working on it. But I have incorporated more fish, fruits, and vegetables in my diet. My stretch marks have diminished, my gut is a lot healthier since using the oils and my emotions have become more peaceful and serene. I also have used the oils to draw me closer to God and remove emotional as well as spiritual barriers in my life.

His Love and Blessings,


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