Did God Tell You To Marry Him? Part 2

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The Second Example:

I met the second person at my job. We started dating after I had left the company. This person had the same level of anointing on his life, had been involved in the ministry and was playing music for the church. I had finally meant someone, and we were equally yoked. We quickly fell in love. I again asked God was this my husband and God said no! I was heartbroken. But his time my partner had also asked God if I was his wife. God told him no! I just didn’t understand what was happening. He wanted to stay in the relationship but there was no reason, if God said we were not to be together. Soon after, I broke up with him.

Several months later, I had a dream that he was getting married. I called and asked him about it, and he said it was true. I found out that he was supposed to marry someone else but had fallen in love with me. I thank God for revealing all things to me that “what’s done is in the darkness will come into the light” (Luke 12:3).

The Third Example:

Once again, I met someone at my work. He was backslidden and not living his best life for God. We started to go to church and became close. This time I asked God first if he was not husband. He got confirmation from God, and we got confirmation from our Pastors and other spiritual leaders that we were to be married. We got engaged and started making plans.

Getting Prepared for Marriage

Step 4, Marriage Counseling:

We started going to marriage counseling. We were getting our finances in order and talking about where we were going to live. He had left his job and moved in with his mom to help her out and to save money. I would go and visit him on the weekends.

Step 5, Breaking Soul Ties and Inner Healing: Genesis 2:24; 1 John 1:9, Psalm 147:3, Psalm 34:18, 3 John 2:2

We both broke soul ties with people that we had been involved with in our pasts. We started getting some inner healing from generational curses, wounds and hurts from the past to strengthen ourselves emotionally and mentally for this new adventure and chapter in our lives. There were some major strongholds in his live that he was not ready to let go. I knew if I married him, and he did not deal with those issues it be a major stumbling block and obstacle in our marriage. Spending time with him and his family, I started to see red flags. But I stayed and we worked on them, but he still had not been delivered from the problems.

Time went on and we were both asked to be Youth Pastors at the church we attended that was by where he lived. I sought counsel about being asked and I turned it down. I believe the same advice was given to him. I didn’t think he was ready because he was not stable in his identity in Christ nor in his relationship with God. Once he accepted, he become puffed up and full of knowledge (1 Timothy 3:6). He started to put me down and belittle me. I stayed in the relationship and just kept praying.

Something was going on in the church and God told me that it was going to close. I revealed to him the vison that God had given me about the church. But he did not believe, nor did he listen to me. After the vision came true about the church and I saw that he was not willing to be delivered of some of the major strongholds I broke off our engagement.

This blog come about from my conversion with a friend. It was to help her and others by giving some wisdom and letting people see into my life. Seeing the mistakes, I made so that others would not have to deal with the same fate.

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