God’s, Process of Creating

I started off this day, as I do with many days talking to God about the process of creating structures and foundations. So, I thought to look at how does…

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FabOver 40

Hi All, This is a contest I entered, the voting starts on October 9th, 2023. Please click the link to vote:https://votefab40.com/2023/danielle-bedford Thanks for your vote, Danielle

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Spiritual Detox

Thank you for being a part of Kingdom Women's Network. We hope that you are encouraged, inspired, and motivated by this blog to make some positive changes in your life.…

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Kingdom of God,Pt 3.

Possessing the Kingdom  We possess the kingdom by acknowledging that we cannot guide ourselves in this world and acknowledging that we need help. We come to Jesus as a child…

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What We Believe

7 Pillars of Culture for Kingdom Women's Network We are going to do the right thing: Integrity: Speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him…

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God is Building New Structures

The Lord has been speaking to me about tearing down old structures and building new ones. Everyone has systems and structures in their mind, a way of doing things. Some…

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Before You Say I Do?

The spiritual part of getting ready: You may have to ask yourself some questions and take an honest evaluation of where you are spiritually. Are you ready to submit to…

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Kingdom of God, Pt. 2

A kingdom where you leave your earthly house to get his heavenly house. You leave your earthly family to get his spiritual family. God made Abraham and Moses leave their…

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Books on the 7 Mountains Of God

The 7 mountains of God are: The seven areas where Christians seek to take back the societal places the enemy has dominated, which are family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and…

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